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Our services include consulting, prototyping and formwork production.

If you have a specific need, and you feel we can add value to your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always prepared to explore new applications for our technologies. 


From design to realization freeing creativity from the start

Odico's Consulting Team is committed to support our customers in their creative process

Using the expertise and robotic technologies of Odico is the right way to start to ensure that your project mirrors your vision before going into production.

We develop our technologies, which makes us the leading experts. To ensure that your design meets your functional and aesthetic expectations, Odicos Consulting Team is ready to guide you through the design process, prototyping and evaluation.

Odico's Consulting Package offers:  


Whether you need to establish that your design meets functional and/or aesthetic expectations before going into larger scale production, or you are looking for a one-off formwork solution, we are prepared to consult and guide you through the process and evaluation.

We are firmly committed to assuring that the realization mirrors your vision.

Formwork Production

Odico Formwork Robotics is an international formwork producer and technology provider.

We provide formwork and foam unit solutions for the construction and wind turbine industries, with an extended capability to reproduce complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible.

Building on transformative, proprietary technologies, we have commercialized the combination of our innovative software and robotic formwork manufacturing, by successfully completing more than 250 projects for over 100 clients on a global scale.

For more info on our capabilities, take a second to browse the "technologies" and "cases" section of this site, or go to the contact section to get in touch.